Our approach to driving large-scale change combines action-based learning, entrepreneurial experience, and collaboration. We test a number of different solutions to see what works and what doesn’t, and engage with partners who have the capacity to scale the most promising ideas. Instead of seeking to own a solution, we develop value propositions that large organizations want to invest in to bring about transformative change.





Based on analysis of the opportunities, players and factors at work, SCP develops new tools and approaches that we believe can have a greater impact.


We learn from experiences on the ground, seeing what’s working and what’s not. We adjust our methodology when needed to make it more powerful.


To spark change, SCP brings together the right partners in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. By investing our own time, resources and expertise, we absorb much of the risk of trying something new.


We monitor things closely, measuring the performance of the solution in order to demonstrate optimal impact.


We share solutions with those who can best achieve scale, such as large employers, government bodies, employment service providers and financial institutions.

Demand-led Solutions

Current government-funded employment and training support programs have primarily focused on serving job seekers. At SCP, we believe that greater impact can be achieved by balancing the equation – by placing equal emphasis on meeting the needs of employers and job seekers.

Our goal is to ensure that job seekers (“supply”) are able to meet the needs of employers (“demand”). This means bringing employers to the heart of the system, as partners in the design, governance and evaluation of pre-employment programs. It can also mean involving employers in funding allocation decisions. Ultimately, we want to ensure that skills training and pre-employment preparation make job seekers attractive to employers, and set up employees for success on the job. The employer, the job seeker, and society all win.

Scalable Social Finance

SCP’s innovative approach to social finance transcends traditional investing in socially-conscious enterprises. We see ourselves as a catalyst, driving the wider adoption of impact investments – proving their potential and viability, so that they can be adopted by mainstream financial institutions and the private sector at large.

We have worked to create financial solutions that operate at scale, with partners ranging from large franchisors to major financial institutions. By smartly connecting sources of financing to the hiring of qualified employees businesses might not have considered before, we are increasing accessible employment across Canada – and helping create a more robust environment for social investment.