We tackle important social problems by developing creative and high-risk solutions, then work to make the best of them real. We are guided by where and how we can have the greatest impact.


We don't want to own our ideas long-term. So, we design solutions that can be adopted and scaled by others, and work with lots of partners.


We are proud that this approach has allowed us to play early and influential roles in social finance, social enterprise and demand-led social hiring.


Today, we are thinking about workforce development, impact investing, community businesses and the future of work (we didn’t say laser-like focus was a particular strength!). More on this thinking is here and if we're a good partner for your big idea, reach out to us here.

Independently Funded

We are able to take on high-risk projects that others won't.

OK With Failure

Maybe too OK because we do fail. A lot.


Able to understand the languages of business, government and philanthropy.

Partner Focused

Partnerships are the only way an independent small team can have large-scale impact.


Being open to different ideas has led to all sorts of activities since we were founded in 2001. From incubating a social enterprise courier service, to helping people facing barriers to employment find good jobs by applying innovative social finance techniques, click below to see a sample of our work. For the last few years we have been very focused on trying to improve the employment and training system in our home province of Ontario.

Here is sample of our work

The SCP Approach

Our approach to driving large-scale change combines action-based learning, entrepreneurial experience, and collaboration. We test a number of different solutions to see what works and what doesn’t, and engage with partners who have the capacity to scale the most promising ideas. Instead of seeking to own a solution, we develop value propositions that large organizations want to invest in to bring about transformative change.

See how we work

Impact through Partnership

We try to bring together key players in the private, public and non-profit sectors to address difficult challenges. Our partnerships help us to innovate, learn and deliver on change. With their significant size and distribution, it's our partners who take our solutions to scale and achieve the greatest impact.

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